Swimming Pool

The estate has a swimming pool saltwater 9x4 m, heated, where you can relax in peace and without any vis-à-vis. No chlorine is used for water treatment.


The depth of the basin is 1.36 m along its length; which allows it to be a peaceful place to relax.

The process of salinization of the water allows to remove in a large part insects and wasps from the water and the surroundings of the bathing place.


The pool was included in the natural park environment and has a "mirror" aspect thanks to its slate-colored liner, like a pool of natural water, recalling the Quercynois dovecote's slate roof from the house.

A submerged beach, across the width of the pool, allows you to relax in the water.


The pool has an electric rolling shutter immersed in a box apart from the pool. The control of the device is by key and the option "anti-lifting" of the blades is in accordance with the standard

NFP 90-308 concerning the safety of swimming pools.


On the other hand, in the presence of young children, the pool has an alarm when the flap is open: a certified immersion drop detector in accordance with the NFP 90-307-1: 2009 standard for swimming pool alarms (100 dB). A key and a safety magnet is available on site to switch the alarm to swimming position or monitoring mode.

A terrace of 120 m2, with all the comforts is attached to the swimming pool. You will find comfortable loungers, garden furniture, solar shower, toilet, ...). Added to this is a shaded bar of 50 m2, overlooking beautiful sunsets, and guaranteeing relaxation and relaxation in lush greenery.


The section of the pool is open from 9am to 22h each day, and maintenance and complex maintenance of the pool are done by the owners. So you will have nothing to do, just let yourself go by the weather!

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