Ayurvedic Traitments

Ayurvedic Traitments


Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (A.Y.M.) Massage technique from India that combines an Ayurvedic massage and yoga asanas.


AYM 35/40 min AYM discovery treatment:
 This massage mainly affects the back, legs, feet and neck. Manipulations according to your needs. A relaxing massage of the face finishes the treatment.

Care AYM relaxation of 1h:
This treatment is ideal to start and take stock of the needs of your body. The areas concerned are the back, the legs, the feet, the neck, the thorax and the abdomen. A relaxing massage of the face finishes the treatment. Everything is adapted to your needs (sitting positions, pulls with towels ...).

Complete AYM care of 1h45:
Complete care during which you alternate the positions on the stomach and on the back, the sitting positions, stimulation and massage with the feet, pulls with the help of towel, relaxing massage of the face. All adapted to your needs.

Sesame oil, used during massage, is combined with Calamus powder, which among other things, activates the blood circulation.

Graduate Ayurvedic Yogic Massage Therapist in India, with the International School of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (ARYM), I propose a massage technique unique in its kind. This technique combines the massage of muscle tissue, a work on breathing and stretches of stretching, derived from Yoga.

Practiced on the ground according to the true Indian tradition, on a futon, this massage releases the muscular chains of the nodes and adhesions, causes of many tensions ...

The focus is on the concept of clean energy for each "Prana". The massage aims to restore a free and harmonious flow of energy. In Ayurveda, ruptures of energy flow invariably lead to imbalances and diseases.

In the Yogic and Ayurvedic view of energy anatomy, there are 7 types of energy centers (Chakras), 14 nadis (or energy currents), and 107 marmas (sensitive or vulnerable areas) with points located throughout the body. .
The manipulation of marmas through massage, plants, heat, allows to mobilize Prana to reduce blockages

The main benefits of this care:

- It tones and relaxes your muscle tissue;
- Improve your blood and lymphatic circulation;
- Improve your posture by relaxing your joints;
- Removes impurities from the body with an action on the skin;
- Corrects the flow of electromagnetic energy through your body;
- It restores confidence, and allows you to become aware of your body;

- it brings you a feeling of lightness and energy;

Sleep is of better quality and deeper;

-Improvement of intellectual harmony and concentration;
-Better management of stress and emotions
-Harmony found again with nature and our deep being;
-Increased Chakra energy, and openness to meditation.


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